Yar's Revenge
yars_revenge.png This page is a game design analysis of Yar's Revenge for the Atari 2600. Please respect the lock if there is one dated less than 15 minutes.

Game Objects

  • Yar, the player object
  • Qotile
  • Shield Part
  • Zorlon Cannon
  • "smart missle"


  • 8-directional control which is limited by the sides of the screen.
  • The Yar can fire in eight directions, according to the direction it is facing.
  • After "eating" a part of the shield a Zorlon Cannon is gained as the next shot.
    • You can shoot yourself with the Zorlon Cannon.


The difficulty increases according to score. The Swirl is given new abilities which are reflected through a change in it's color.


Because Yar's Revenge is an Atari 2600 game, it features variants of the game, which we need to figure out.


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