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A video game genre is an identifiable type of video game. What video game genres exist and what sub-genres exist is a subject of great debate, usually because those who have no interest in the subject take special time simply to confuse the issue.

Types of Video Game Genres

In reality, outside of the armchair game designers, we can say that games often fall into several video game genres because there is more than one way to classify them. For the time being, we are trying to concentrate on classifications based on the most important aspect from a game designers viewpoint —- that of gameplay and mechanics.

Game play and mechanics of a specific game can be deduced by the primary method of progression.

  • arcade game - a specific genre, not necessarily a game released to the arcade.
  • lander game - to land safely is good. To land safely on a target is better.
  • racing game - get from point a to point b quickly as possible.

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