The Robot Slave


This programming book is for absolute beginners. If you have never programmed before, then this book is for you. You will learn the very basics of programming and core concepts that you can use in any programming language. The Robot Slave is also written with an eye for preparing you to move on to game programming specifically.

Tip : If you don't understand what syntax is don't worry. For now, you can think of it as the way programming languages order their words.

In fact, you will be learning concepts rather than a specific programming language. By focusing on the concepts first, you will be able to understand any programming syntax you come across. To jump start you in learning syntax, both major syntaxes will be described (BASIC and C).

Once you complete this book, you will have a fundamental understanding of how programming works and how to put it to use, possibly in making a game. You will have learned enough that you can no longer be considered a noob. You will be ready to start programming and learn intermediate programming concepts.

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