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Cheap Suit

(Taste) : When the player gets up in the morning, at the very beginning of the game, he has to go to his closet and get dressed. There he finds an array of clothing. Each set of clothing has a "taste rating" and will effect the "taste level". It will be up to the player to choose.


The player goes to local shoe maker, extorted by the "family." The owner says that business has been slow, that he doesn't have the full amount. He promises he will have it next time. If our player lets him slide then he fails, for a mafia don wouldn't show weakness for shorts or losses!


The player character goes into a restaurant to eat lunch. He's asked by the waiter what he would like, The Spaghetti or the Hunan Chicken. If the player chooses Hunan Chicken, the waiter will pull out a gun and shoot him in the head, as no mob boss eats Chinese.

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