1920's - mafia related. (Ishtem - I know quite a bit about this time period and what the mafia did at this time, I have a whole schoolbook full of 'The Roaring 20's' it was called. I'll type up some of the useful stuff here later to help out with the setting. Also, at this time, it was just after world war 1 and just before the wall market crash, so America was booming at this time, because it hadn't been in World War 1 and it conserved all its money, it had incredible business as it was selling stuff to the countries who had been in the war to get them back on their feet, and everyone in America were investing in these businesses to make quick money. Perhaps a choice in the game is invest in a certain business and some will do bad and some will do good so depending on how much money you make the thugs will see how suitable you are. Just an idea though, ill post more later.)

  • One of the main factors motivating organized crime during this time would be Prohibition.
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