Working On

This page lists sprite sets we plan to develop and other related information.

Almost Done

  • Pong, done but not packaged for distribution
  • Memory, done but not packaged for distribution

Working On

  • Fuzzy Aliens, think Space Invaders
  • Asses of Fire II, think Asteroids / Sinistar.
  • Converting Touch of the Reaper from a pong / breakout set to a a pure breakout set.
  • Bricks, blocks, and bubbles for puzzle games, especially for tetris-like games.

In Planning / Thinking About

This compiled list is to acknowledge that these sprite sets and tutorials have been requested. When you read through this list, please keep in mind that we have one sprite artist and only one.


If it's a classic arcade game, chances are we plan to make a sprite set like it : pac-man like, space invaders like, vertical and horizontal-shooter-like, frogger-like.

Road Tiles

A generic set of road tiles for 2d car games, from arcade games like SpyHunter to 2d racing games.

Vehicle Sprites

  • Tanks (this has been requested many, many times)
  • A set of overhead car sprites to use with the road tiles listed above.
  • Airplanes, Jets, airships, and other flying vehicles.
  • bikes, both dirt bike and motorcycles of various types


  • bullets
  • arrows
  • lazers
  • etc.

Icons / Cursors / other non-animated Interface Elements

  • Ammo
  • Crosshairs
  • Heart
  • Arrows and "Go!" arrows for fighting and beat-em-up games.

Board Game / Dice Game / Card Game Sprites

  • Dice
  • Complete set of cards
  • Poker Chips
  • Checkered board (for Chess and Checkers)
  • Chess pieces and generic board game peices

Isometric / 3D Sprite Sheets

The Isometric / 3D sprite sheets are a long way off. By 3D, we mean with a 3D look and feel, similar to Viewpoint for the Neo Geo.

Generic Explosions and Effects

Sword swishes, muzzle flashes, lighting templates, superhero (technically we already have one of these) spell effects, rain, snow, clouds, spell effects, ricochet flash, blood spatters (both in-air and decal), fire and other glows, teleportation sequence (both platform and overehead), dust, wind lines, blurry effects for trails in bullet time, and of course, many types of explosions.

Frameworks, Blueprints, and Outlines

We're planning frameworks, blueprints, and outlines of various original sprite sets so that you can create your own sprites by coloring them and / or changing them a bit.

Most Requested

  • A tile framework is the most needed (to make sure things tile properly).
  • RPG Background template.


The following subjects and themes are popular, and we plan to work them into some of our sprite sheets somehow :


  • 8-bit style
  • 4bpp style
  • Green / black gameboy style, and other retro styles
  • Black and white / both solid and with shades of gray.
  • 1945, world war 2


  • aliens
  • animals : cats, dogs, magical, sci-fi, weird, and other trainable pets for raising and / or training.
  • bugs
  • creatures / people with wings
  • skeletons, zombies, vampires, mummies and other undead creatures


  • ninja


  • castle
  • walls (must have variety)
  • trees
  • graveyard
  • school
  • brightly colored / cartoony bricks
  • various kinds of brick walls
  • black and white floor tiles (think insane asylum)


  • can
  • candles
  • partially melted candles
  • pile of bones
  • skateboard


  • top down (overhead)


  • turrets, turrets, turrets (we hear you already.)

Sprite Sets we May Not Develop

  • A point and click adventure game set. It's just too much work for one guy with other projects.

Sprite Sheets We Will Not Develop

We will not develop sprites based directly on copyrighted properties, especially, but not limited to : Metroid, Zelda, Halo, Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, WOW, Contra etc.

We may develop different but similar sprite sheets. When you request a sprite sheet, please describe your idea as "similar to."


We've heard you! Quit asking. :) You want more sprite art and tiling tutorials, especially ones about creating sprites with Graphics Gale. Give us a bit.

Most Requested Tutorials

  • More beginner tutorials. (sigh.)
  • RPG tiles, RPG sprites, RPG RPG RPG! We hear you. :)
  • Additional sprites so that RPG sprites can be used in a Strategy RPG.
  • How to format sprites to import into Game Maker.
  • How to create sprite sheets with views of a character in 4 directions
  • Overview of the types of explosion sequences
  • Designing sprites for specific hardware, namely the NES, Atari 2600 and the c64
  • Advanced shading (for cell look and other artistic effects)
  • Using an alpha channel to blend color
  • Decals, details and detailing.
  • Using Microsoft Paint to create sprites (why?)
  • Changing / Understanding / Making good use of color depth.
  • Use one sprite as a base to create an animated sprite
  • Formatting sprites for RPG Maker XP (this could be a long time…)

Things We Can't Do (yet)

  • Program a sprite generator (lack of time, but we are interested.)


  • A comprehensive list of sprite editors.
  • A comprehensive list of free sprites available on the internet.
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