Misc Sprite Art

This page is for misc sprite art that has been important or somehow notable to the members of GDN. Most of them are prototypes that will never be completed or simple concept drawings.

Bone Ninja


The first image drawn by Hartnell where he admitted the possibility that he could have artistic talent. There is only a slight chance that Bone Ninja will ever appear in the PCopy Comic (in other words, we're working him in).

Night of the Living Postman


Night of the Living Postman was originally set up to be a "suggest a sprite" sheet where people could request that tiles and sprites be added to the current sheet. Unfortunately, the artist made the mistake of posting the thread on a Game Maker board and all the evil noobs ever requested was Zelda and Halo sprites. Therefore, this was all that was ever drawn of Night of the Living Postman. It was going to be for a game with Contra-style game play. To their credit, however, one person did suggest the theme.



While technically not sprite art in the traditional sense, Ch-Metal is an image worth noting. It was created by Rick Clark's addictive Chladni Generator while he was learning to master computer graphics using Chladni algorithms. He has since become a graphics master and is known for creating unique and unforgettable graphics demos.

Linux World Domination


This might be confusing, so read the next sentence twice. Linux World Domination was created for one GDN member by another GDN member for an interview of yet another GDN member for a Finnish Linux Blog interview. (whew).

Animated Color Square


This might seem a bit strange and believe me, it truly is. In fact, it was created by Chandler Klebs, the original binary madman himself. If you don't know who he is, it will suffice to say that was voted Strangest Guy on GDN over Hartnell. The animated color square represents the results of Chandler's color study where he figured out how to count with color. (Yes, he's mad, but a genius.)

If you are wondering how this works, and how exactly it is counting in color, see 4bpp.

Joe 6502 is Born


This is the original concept sprite that spawned Joe 6502, now currently the main character of the PCopy Comic. As a concept sprite, he has only the one frame so he has yet to put his arms down.

Sprite Ops Proof of Concept


This is the original Sprite Ops failed Proof of Concept. The legs are not outlined because at that point Hartnell finally gave up as no one seemed to be interested. The idea for the image "a skeleton on a skateboard" comes from Lunatic Software, Hartnell's original noobish game design team of his youth. To test an potential artist's ability Lunatic Software would require that they draw something they couldn't possibly trace —- The Grim Reaper on a skateboard.

Death Comes for Tony Hawk


The teaser image for the failed Sprite Ops Proof of Concept above.

Castle Blah


Castle Blah is the beginnings of the Touch of the Reaper sprite sheet.

And when you're down here, YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!


This is GrimDaze's avatar from when Game Design Novice was Game Design HQ (the first time). He has since taken off the makeup and gotten a real life in preparation for fatherhood. He has left the project, but will always be remembered.

-Oh he's back and under the new moniker, grimdayz. You can find his hard work and effort over at the GameMaker: Studio Wiki. You can also find him on PSN under the name JimboAlexander and occasionally playing OpenArena or QuakeLive as YoJimbo. His real life personality can be seen on facebook.

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