Status Effects

RPG characters can have a status such as poisoned, petrified, asleep, or even dead. Each of these status states has it's own advantages and disadvantages as well as items to cure or invoke them. They all either modify the base stats of a character or change the way the Mechanics work.

Status States

asleep (or sleep)
The character is asleep cannot act during battle. If the character is struck, there is a chance that the he will wake up. Asleep status is not usually carried from battle to battle and expires at the battle end.
The character suffers a severe penalty to attack rolls.
The character is confused. The character cannot be controlled by the player during battle and will attack both friend and foe randomly when he takes an action. Confusion usually goes away at the end of battle.
The character is dead. Dead status can be inflicted instantly or is automatic when the hit points of a character reaches 0 or below. While dead, the character cannot perform any action until he is raised.
The frozen status is identical to the petrified status (see below) except that it usually expires at the end of battle.
The petrified status is similar to the death status except that it does not require the character's hit points to reach zero. It usually does not expire. It must be cured.
The poisoned status state inflicts a set amount of damage after the character acts in battle and sometimes every time he takes a step outside of battle. In some RPGs, poison status does not expire and must be cured. In others, it naturally expires at the end of battle.
The character has become a zombie. The zombie status causes healing spells and items to cause damage when used on the character. Also, attempts at bringing the character back to life by normal means could cause instant death or significant damage. Often damage is lessened when a character has the zombie status.
The character is paralyzed. The character has a set chance (Usually at 50%) of not being able to attack. Paralysis usually goes away at the end of battle.
The burned status state inflicts a set amount of fire damage to the character. Can be cured or wears off after awhile

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