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Welcome to the RPG Design Project. This project is all about the game design elements of RPGs.

An RPG is a role-playing-game. As a video game genre, it is any game that mimics the mechanics of a pen and paper RPGs.

False Ideas About RPGs

Every Game is an RPG!

It is fairly common for younger gamers to argue that any game in which you play a role is a Role-playing-game. The fact is, if we are to use this definition, almost all games are role-playing-games and the term loses its meaning. For example, if I pretend I'm a retarded monkey for thirty seconds I will have just played an RPG because I played the role of a retarded monkey.

RPGs have a format, standard features, and recognizable rules. We cannot shoehorn everything into the RPG title.

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Stomphoof's Outline (Rough Draft) *for the Revamping of this section of the Wiki*

1. Intro to the RPG Design Project

  • What is this Project?
  • This project is to help teach people what an RPG is, what makes an RPG different from a normal game, and the specific elements of an RPG and how they interact with each other. Also, a small history of the various RPG's and how they have evolved.

2. The Basics

+The Definintion of RPG

  • RPG stands for Role Playing Game. The vital fact in a RPG is that the story evolves around your actions, as if you wrote the story. In the real world, this off course is not true. There are RPG's that are bpnd strictly to their pre-written storyline, while others are more freely and include a lot of roaming.
  • The History of RPG's
  • What makes an RPG different?

++Parts of An RPG

  • Skills
  • a Character
  • Items
  • a main theme

3. The Major Parts of an RPG

  • Plot, Setting, Theme
  • Characters
  • Equipment
  • Powers/Spells/Abilities
  • Monsters
  • Menu and Combat System

4. Putting it all Together

  • Weaving a Good Story
  • Real Time or Turn Based Combat?
  • Character Advancement and Design
  • Boss's - Gotta have em!
  • Random Battles?

Those are my suggested changes at this point and time. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

To Do

  • The entire RPG Design section needs to be cleaned up.

This to-do list is here to remind everyone of things that need to be changed and / or improved in this page. Everyone is welcome to contribute to reduce or eliminate the to-do list.

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