list of notable RPGs

The RPGs listed here are notable in some way. Either they set the standard for the time, introduced new features, or are simply unique. While researching RPG Design, we hope that you find this list useful.

Final Fantasy Series
Brought RPGs to the non-RPG playing masses.
Chrono Trigger and Cross
Time-travelling RPG with an interesting combat system.
Wild Arms
Fantastic RPG series with a unique way of doing things.
Dragon Warrior
A simple, but successful, RPG made by Nintendo.
Star Ocean
Breath of Fire
Created by Capcom, this series is a masterpiece.
Earthbound / Mother
Simply the most original and strange RPG series to date. Unfortunately, no new Earthbound / Mother games are reported to be in production. Sadly, the series seems dead.

NOTE : Zelda is NOT an RPG

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