We are currently working on several projects to help you learn to make games.

Alphabetical Listing of GDN Wikis

Working on :

Project Name Status Description
6502 Mastering the 6502 Microprocessor using Transfer 99% complete.
BASIC About the BASIC programming language. Transfer 1/3 done.
Brutus2D Brutus2D wiki Waiting on final ok from u9.
Computer Science Computer science reference Being cleaned up. Some transfer.
Game Maker Game Maker tutorials and wiki. Transfer of most content complete, beginning on organization and community development.
Game Math Game … math. Transfer 99% complete. Needs final cleanup from transfer.
Game Software Directory of Game Software and a guide to choosing the right game creation software for you. Transfer 95% complete. waiting on the internet to catch up.

Coming Shortly

Study, Learn, Make Games

  • .tut - .tut (formerly b2d game)

For Fun

Lost Wiki Projects

These projects have either been lost to us, or at least needs to find a new home.

  • thinBasic - inactive wiki attempted by tB community.
  • rpg design - taken by a lamer


  • In this list there are some obviously missing projects, which will be dealt with soon.
  • There are some other projects that I have reserved, mostly for fun.
  • There are book projects on the way, but they will be dealt with in time.


Active Projects

  • FreeBASIC - FreeBASIC tutorials, FAQs, documentation, and lists.
  • Brutus2D - Brutus2D tutorials, FAQs, documentation, and lists.
  • BASIC code - an index of BASIC code listings from classic computer magazines and books.

All projects below are considered inactive. If you would like to see a project become active and supported again, make some edits. If any of the project remain inactive for two months, they will be removed from this page and considered "unimportant."

Game Design

Game Creation Tools

  • Basic4GL - Basic4GL tutorials, FAQs, documentation, and lists.
  • thinBasic - thinBasic tutorials, FAQs, documentation, and lists.

Retro Programming

  • 6502 - mastering the 6502 microprocessor
  • Commodore 64 - retro programming with the Commodore 64.

Community Projects

  • Computer science - computer science project. Currently very messy.
  • Game Math - math and games.
  • Generic BASIC - open source seed documentation for BASIC.
  • .tut - open source generic game programming tutorial framework.
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