The Proposal Policy


A proposal is a proposal of policy, or change of policy, to the current rules and regulations that govern the administration of GDN.


The purpose of this proposal is to open up GDN to an active democratic process.

The Proposal Process

Proposals are posted to the forum, under the Game Design Novice category. Any established GDN member may post a proposal.

Debate and Changes

Once a proposal has been posted, it may be given up to 14 days for debate and changes, at which time it must be posted for approval. If the proposal is not, then it may not be posted again for 30 days. At any time before the 14 day limit, the poster may move the proposal to the approval process.

Approval Process

A proposal may be posted for approval by posting it in a new thread with the subtitle "For approval." Once a proposal has been posted for approval, no changes to the proposal may be made.

Each established GDN member has one vote. The vote may be for "approval" or "disapproval". A GDN member may approve or disapprove a proposal by posting in the forum thread the words "I approve." or "I disapprove."

The person who has written the proposal may not vote on that proposal.

A proposal must be up for approval for 7 days before counting the votes. After 7 days the votes will be counted. If there is a majority approval and there are at least 2 votes, the proposal will be passed. Once passed, the proposal will be included in the appropriate sections and the changes / additions of the proposal will become official.

If a proposal is not approved within 7 days after being put up for approval, defeated with a majority disapproval vote,the votes are tied, or does not gain the required 2 votes, it fails and may not be re-posted for 30 days.

Veto Power

The current chief administrator of GDN has the right to instantly veto and or nullify any proposal only under these conditions.

  • The proposal will do harm to GDN or it's members.
  • The proposal is an attempt to change legal ownership of GDN.

The current chief administrator will forfeit this veto power if he or she has been inactive for 30 days.


Because this is the first proposal, by approving this proposal you are also approving :

  • An established GDN member is a GDN member who joined before August 28, 2007.
  • A new section "policy:" be created for the GDN polices.
  • Hartnell becomes "chief administrator."
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