PlayBasic WhackStick FAQ

This page is a FAQ about PlayBasic WhackSticks. A whackstick is a syntax convention that doesn't match up with accepted BASIC. Whacksticks are a developer's prerogative, however, as they annoy the dickens out of established BASIC programmers, a FAQ is needed.

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Cls requires a color and an argument. This color is the "clear color" to use when the screen is cleared. You can use Rgb() to create a color dynamically, use a hexadecimal color $FFFFFFF = White or use a decimal number. Since 0 is always black, you can clear the screen to black with this code :

Cls 0


Dim is used for declaring arrays and never "single slot" variables.


Single line If statements work as you expect :

If health <= 0 Then Print "You're dead."

However, multi-line if statements and if statements compounded with else or elseif leave off then.

If health <= 0
    Print "You are dead."
    Print "You are NOT dead."


There is no Input. There never will be an Input. The PlayBasic developer told the original GDN administrator that Input wasn't worth the time to develop. If you are an absolute beginner, you're going to have to suffer the learning curve.

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