PlayBasic FAQ

This is our unofficial PlayBasic FAQ.


Does GDN recommend PlayBasic?

Yes, we highly recommend PlayBasic. It has (almost) all the features you will ever need in a 2D game programming language.

What kind of Games can I make with PlayBasic?

PlayBasic is geared towards 2D. Since there is no capacity to make text games, the absolute beginner will find it challenging at first, and from previous experience with the developer, we can say that he has no intention of lessening the learning curve. Text games are seen as "ancient."

With some clever programming, it's possible to make 3D games (based on 1.61c). We've heard claims of 3D capability coming along but we haven't had the time to try it out for ourselves.

What's PlayBasic's learning curve?

With the current documentation and lack of tutorials, pretty steep. It assumes that you already know how to program well. However, this will change over time. It should be said that the documentation is, like PlayBasic, top notch, just not aimed at beginners.


Is PlayBasic Free?

No, however there is a 60-day trial. 60 days is a long time and you should be able to cover most of our current (as of Apr 29 2007) tutorials in that time. Unfortunately, Kevin Picone has stated (possibly in jest) that he's going to stop producing demos so people can try it out.

How Much Does PlayBasic Cost?

30 USD. Actually 29.99, but what's a penny?

Is PlayBasic worth 29.99 USD?

Every penny.

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