Introduction to 2D Physics in PlayBasic

Author's Note : 2D Physics in PlayBasic is more of a book in progress rather than a tutorial series, so please do not expect to read 2D Physics in PlayBasic like a tutorial. Secondly, it's also a research project, so please forgive me for the rough edges you will certainly encounter.

Introduction to 2D Physics in PlayBasic

Game physics are the subject of much talk and little study. In that respect the subject is similar to classic literature. According to Mark Twain, the classics are "something everyone wants to have read, but nobody wants to read." There is also an intimidation element to the subject. Some people believe that they are not smart enough to understand physics. This minibook aims to change that — on both accounts.

The subject is more about real physics than game physics. This is because there has been much more progress made with real physics than game physics. In fact, 2D Physics in PlayBasic is a complete introduction to physics as a whole. You will find everything from Newton's Laws to The Theory of Relativity to Quantum Physics — all modeled in PlayBasic (as best as the author is capable).

Quite a bit of this will be of great use to game programmers. Believe it or not, the The Theory of Relativity has used in some of the most basic top-down racing games. And then, some of it will be completely useless. Either way, it's my hope that with this information, those of us interested in game physics can begin to work on a unified theory which can be presented as it's own subject.

What I Expect You To Know

You will not to need any difficult math to read this book. PlayBasic does most of the math for you. Where complex math cannot be avoided, it is presented in the form of plug and play equations where you will only need know where to plug in the numbers.

However, it is assumed that you do have a good grasp of core programming and that you have a registered version of PlayBasic or that a demo is still available.

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