Getting Started with PlayBasic

PlayBasic in a Nutshell

PlayBasic is a game programming language and therefore is easier to make games with than using a general purpose programming language.

PlayBasic is based on BASIC which is easy to learn and use.

PlayBasic is Recommended

PlayBasic has earned a Game Design Novice recommendation because of it's sheer ease of use and many, many features.

PlayBasic has a 120-Day Demo

PlayBasic is not free, however, it only costs $30. We believe it's more than worth the money, however, if you're not sure that you want to buy it outright, it has a 120-day demo.

Download PlayBasic

You can download PlayBasic Demo on the Official PlayBasic Website. When you purchase PlayBasic you will be given a download link to download the retail version. The Demo version does not activate with a serial number, so you must download this version.

What Now?

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