One Dice

Simulating Dices; One dice.


Simulating dice is pretty simple function but it is needed often.
In this article, i try to give you everything you need to know for creating proper Dice function.

What we need…

At start, lets pretend you are creating a game where you need dice function.
Through whole game, you only need to roll d6 dice. d6 means normal 6 side dice wich is numbered from1 to 6.

…and how we can get it:

' first, we declare function that randomizes number and returns it.
DECLARE Function DiceRoll(Sides AS Integer) AS Integer

' here is our simple dice function
Function DiceRoll(Sides AS Integer)
    Return (INT(RND * Sides) + 1)
END Function

Randomize Timer
DIM Dice AS Integer
    Dice = 6    ' normal d6 dice.
DIM Wanted AS Integer
    Wanted = 3    ' this is value we try to get.

' and now we DO...LOOP until DiceRoll(Dice) returns wanted value (3)
Loop Until DiceRoll(Dice) = Wanted
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