Game Maker Project Page

This is a page for the Game Maker Madmen to collaborate.

What Needs To Be Done

  • Hartnell's old method of categorizing the docs needs to be redone by function rather than programming function. For example, all keyboard docs (functions and variables) should be linked from a Keyboard Page, not a Game Maker Functions/Keyboard Functions page. Hartnell will do this :).
  • Done : gamemaker:main needs to be changed to gamemaker:gamemaker (Hartnell will do this).
  • The documentation pages need to be looked through for functions that are undocumented. Please use the other documentation pages as a reference of style.
  • Version info in documentation pages needs to be checked and updated.

Needed Pages

Needed Tutorials

  • Jumping Tutorial - could be a part of a platform game tutorial.
  • Minimap Tutorial
  • Understanding views
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