Brutus2D Madmen

This page is a place where people working on the Brutus2D project can collaborate.

The B2D Madman page …

  • Needs to be organized.

Weekly Collaborations

If we can collaborate on a few pages a week, we can get the Brutus2D project (and thus Brutus2D) up to speed quickly.

General To-Do

Hartnell is Doing

Examples Letter Case

Examples in tutorials and documentation need to be capitalized properly. Here's an example of what this means :

' wrong 
if x < 0 then x = 0

' right
If x < 0 Then x = 0
  • Console Object - done!
  • Graphics Object - done!
  • Keyboard Object - done (except key.Wait )
  • Timers object done
  • mouse object done
  • math object done (only 1 method documented yet)
  • Misc done

This means that all objects are done.

Pages Needing Work

If you don't think you can do a good job with a page put it here.


  • Mouse Fix
  • Graphics Object page segmented.


The following policies "have been" established for the Brutus2D project.

Page Creation Policy

When creating pages for Brutus2D try to follow these guidelines:

  • In wiki pages
    • Properly capitalize the title of the page i.e. insignificant words like is, in, a, so etc. are never capitalized.
    • Do not write Brutus2D in the title as these pages are all in the Brutus2D group (this line is marked for deletion -u9)
  • In documentation pages
    • Do not include the () for method description pages in the title. (I Just say this because most pages haven't done this -u9)
    • When linking to method calls keep the () outside the link itself like this key.pressed(). This looks better, less cluttered.
  • In example code
    • Capitalize the first letter of all keywords and method calls. If the method name is a combination of several words then capitalize the first letter in each word. If in doubt, use Brutus2D auto-completion feature.
    • Properly indent any code for clearer reading using TAB or 4 spaces. E.g. content between If / End If, Do / Loop or Class / End Class} etc. should be indented.
    • Always use predefined key-constants, e.g. {{vk_escape, in stead of 1 in e.g. key.Pressed() calls.
  • u9 just wrote this policy. Please discuss this policy here so we can delete any crap i have written.

If you are in doubt while writing you can always have a look at one of the other pages.

New Version Release Update Policy

  • The documentation version info is current to 1.7.

When a new version of Brutus2D (not beta) is released, these pages need to be created / updated :

  • A page needs to be created for that version, including the changes from the previous version.
  • The download link in Brutus2D, Getting Started with Brutus2D need to be changed to point to the new version.
  • The version info on all documentation pages needs to be updated.
  • Discuss this policy here.

This page has been recommended for cleanup, integration, etc.

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