room_speed (Game Maker)

( Game Maker 6.1, 7 )

room_speed - intended steps per second of the current room.


room_speed is the target steps per second of the current room. It is not the actual steps per second as if you have a slower computer, it will actually be less. To find out how many steps are actually executed, use fps.

By default room_speed is set to 30. A more common room_speed is 60. This is because 60 frames per second looks alot smoother than 30 frames per second.

You can change the room_speed before start up by going to the Room Settings Panel / Settings Tab. There you will find the current room speed of a particular room.


Example of Use

To change the room_speed for the current room using GML simply assign a new number to it as with any variable. You can, of course, do this when your game is running.

room_speed = 60;

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