List of Game Maker tutorials

This page is a list of Game Maker tutorials not hosted here on Game Design Novice.


Alternate Debug Script
Describes a script useful for debugging.


Creating a RPG style menu with Game Maker
A tutorial about making an RPG menu.


Field View
A tutorial about making a camera and setting off an alarm when it sees the player
File/String Spliting
A tutorial on splitting files in GM


GameMaker Planning
A tutorial about planning your game.


Lighting Effects in GM5
Lighting effects.


Minimap in GM6 - (GM 6.0)
A neat code/tutorial detailing the code necessary for creating a mini-map in Game Maker 6
Menu System in Game Maker - (GM 5.0)
A tutorial about menu systems.
Mouse Aiming, And Basic AI
Mouse aiming, and basic AI.
Moving Platform Tutorial - (?)
A moving platform tutorial from Simon Donkers.


RPG Basics in GameMaker
A tutorial about the basics of making an RPG.
RPG Basics Part II: Keyboard Input
Keyboard input.
RPG BASICS Part III: Basic Actor Engines
Making basic actor engine.


Special Effects in Game Maker
Special effects.
Strategy Game Movement - Cursors - (GM 6.0)
A tutorial containing the code necessary to make a strategy game's movement cursor that appears to show where a unit's going and disappears when a unit reaches that location.
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