joystick_check_button() (Game Maker)


(Game Maker 6.1, 7)

joystick_check_button - check to see if a button is pressed on a joystick


bool = joystick_check_button ( joystick, button )

  • bool - 0 or 1
  • joystick - 1 or 2
  • button - number of button to check

joystick_check_button() checks to see if a button is currently held down on a joystick and returns either (not held down) or 1 (held down). It accepts two arguments. First, the joystick to check. Since Game Maker only supports two joysticks, this must either be 1 or 2. The second argument is the number of the button to check.


Example of Use

    //jump code here

In this example, if the first button on the first joystick is held down, the code to make a character jump will be executed.

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