instance_create() (Game Maker)


(Game Maker 6.1, 7)

instance_create - create an instance of an object


id = instance_create( x, y, obj );

  • id = returned instance id
  • x = x location to create object
  • y = y location to create object
  • obj = name of object to create an instance of

instance_create() creates an instance of an object at the specified x/y coordinates. It also returns the instance id of the instance created, which can be put into a variable and used to manipulate the instance.


Example of Use

Assuming there is an object named objShip, an instance of it can be created like this:


Using the Instance Id

instance_create() returns the instance id of the instance created. If you assign it to a variable, you can then use the variable to manipulate the created instance.

new_ship = instance_create(10,10,objShip);
new_ship.hspeed = 2;

This method is useful for creating bullets.

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