image_angle (Game Maker)

( Game Maker 6.1, 7 Pro )

image_angle - rotation of a sprite.


image_angle is a local variable that contains the rotation of a sprite in degrees. The value of image_anglecorresponds to direction in that 0 to 359 are the same angle. However, unlike direction, the value of image_angle does not return to 0 after reaching 359.


Example of Use

image_angle = 90;

If the sprite was originally drawn facing right, it will now be facing up.

Facing Another Object

image_angle = point_direction(x,y,obj_player.x,obj_player.y);

If this code is placed in the Step event the instance will always face obj_player.

Useful Info

  • If you want to use 360 control with image_angle, make sure to create the sprite so that it faces right. This way it will line up with the degrees.

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