highscore_show() (Game Maker)


(Game Maker 6.1, 7)

highscore_show - show the highscore table


highscore_show ( new_score )

  • new_score - new score to be added

highscore_show() shows the current highscore table. It accepts one argument, the new score to be added. If the score beats any of the previous scores, the player will be able to enter his new highscore in the table. If you want to show only the scores without adding a new score, use -1 as the argument.

A word of caution : If highscore_show() is used in a Step event, it could keep popping up infinitely. To avoid this, put highscore_show() in another event, restart the game immediately afterward, or change rooms immediately afterward (go back to the title screen).


Example of Use


The code in this example will display the highscore table using the current score as the new score to add.

Showing without a new score


The code in this example will show the highscore table without trying to add a new score.

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