GML FAQ (Game Maker)

This is our unofficial GML FAQ.


What is GML?

GML is the scripting language of Game Maker.

What does GML mean?

GML stands for "Game Maker Language".

What's a scripting language?

A scripting language is a light-weight programming language created to control the features and functions of a pre-made application of game.

Do I have to learn GML to make a game?

No. You can make a perfectly noob game without it.

Do I have to learn GML to make a good game?


GML Features

Is GML an OO Language?

No. GML is a procedural scripting language. It appears to be object oriented to novice programmers because the scripting language is mostly used to control game objects.

Can I make my own functions in GML?

No — at least not in the traditional sense. If you need to create your own functions, the best you can do is create a script and call it from a game object.

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