GML (Game Maker)

GML, or Game Maker Language, is Game Maker's built-in scripting language. It is used to program more complex games that is possible with drag and drop. It can be used in the Execute a piece of code action or be written in scripts that can be called at any time.

There is some debate whether or not GML is a real programming language. Technically, it is a scripting language, like Javascript, ActionScript, PHP, and Perl in that it is interpreted rather than compiled.


GML has a variable syntax, which is to say that it can be written in the syntax of several languages. The most common syntax used is C/C++ style syntax.

Data and Data Structures

Data Type Functons

  • is_real() - check if a variable contains a real number
  • is_string() - check to see if a variable contains a string
  • real() - convert a string into a real number
  • string() - convert a real number into a string


Global Variables


Program Flow

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