Game Maker 7 FAQ

This is a small FAQ regarding the changes from Game Maker 6.1 to Game Maker 7. If you want to see our current general FAQ on Game Maker, please see Game Maker FAQ.

Company Changes

What is the new .gmk file?

Game Maker 7 introduced a new source code file, named the .gmk file. After users edited the source, Game Maker creator Mark Overmars encrypted the source code file, and such the .gmk was born.

Whats this YoYo Games deal?

Mark Overmars joined with a new company called YoYo games to help develop Game Maker. You can learn more about them at there website, or their blog.

I have a Game Maker 6 Registration key. Do I need a new one?

No! You can go to the YoYo Games website and upgrade your key to a GM 7 one.

Game Maker Changes

What does the new version of Game Maker feature?

Game Maker 7 features several bug fixes as well as a few new major features.

Extensions - Extensions are a new feature which combines libraries, scripts, and DLL's. Instead of calling features of a DLL using code, all of the extensions functions are made easier to use (such as wd_ for the included Windows Dialogs extension.)

Room Transitions - The Room Transition system has been completely redone. You can now define your own transitions.

Alpha Transparency - You can now use alpha transparency from .png's.

I've heard that GM 7 doesn't run well unless you have Vista, is this true?

It has been confirmed to by us to run on Windows XP and Windows 2000. As far as Win 95, 95, etc, we have no idea (yet).


How do I get a Game Maker 7.0 registration key?

Buy one.

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