Game Maker Minimum

This is a tutorial that explains the absolute minimum you have to do to get a Game Maker project up and running without an error. This will not teach you how to make a complete game. It will only teach you how to make an blank, yet errorless, window.

Game Maker minimum

The minimum to get a Game Maker project running is surprisingly simple. Game Maker defines several resources that it can use sprites, fonts, objects, rooms, etc, but it only requires one. A room.

Open up Game Maker and press F5. F5 is the hotkey used to test run a game. You will get this error : A game must have one room in order to run.

The reason for this is quite simple. Rooms in Game Maker is the "space" where the game "happens". Rooms are used to make levels, worlds, and other places where your game objects will be placed and where they interact with each other during the game. Without such a space, there can be no game.

Let's add a room. Look at the Resource Explorer and find the folder named "Rooms". Right click on the folder and select Add Room. A room named room_0 will appear in the Rooms folder. Congratulations, you now have your first room.

Press F5 again.

A blank, gray, but beautifully errorless window will appear.

And that is the Game Maker minimum.

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