Game Maker FAQ


This is a general FAQ for Game Maker. If you are new to Game Maker, see the Noob FAQ.


Is Game Maker easy to learn?

Absolutely. It was designed to be easy to learn. Many game programming concepts (such as vspeed and gravity) are built right into Game Maker allowing you to skip learning difficult programming concepts until you need to.

Do you have to program to make games in Game Maker?

Yes and no. Game Maker allows you to make games with visual elements known as Drag and Drop Actions. However, these actions do many of the same things as programming in Game Maker's scripting language, GML. At the end of the day, even if you just use the DnD actions, you are still programming, even if in a very inefficient visual language.


How do I compile my game into an .exe?

In the top menu, choose "File" then "Create Executable."

Is it possible to disassemble .exes made with Game Maker?

We are sure it is possible, provided the proper knowledge. There have been rumors of Game Maker disassemblers, but we believe them to be just that —- rumors. However, if such programs do exist, they would be prohibited from Game Design Novice.

You should note that Game Maker "disassembly" is not true disassembly. It is resource extraction.

What is the player object?

The player object is the object controlled by the player. In a space shooter, the player object would be a ship.

What is a control object?

A control object is an object that does not appear to the player but is used to run parts of the game.

2D Games

How do I make a game that scrolls?

Use views.

Online Games

Can I embed a game made with Game Maker in a webpage?

Not directly. However, there are two methods for converting your Game Maker game into a format that can be embedded in a webpage.

  1. Web Game Builder is capable of converting any .exe to a file that can be displayed on a web page. It will also generate the <embed> code to place in your web site.
  2. There is a project out there called G-Java that is aimed at converting Game Maker source files into Java applets.

Can I make a MMORPG with Game Maker?

No. Absolutely not. Due to limits of Game Maker's online capabilities you will not be able to make a '''Massively Multiplayer''' RPG. You can, however, make a Multiplayer Online RPG with Game Maker.

Is there a place I can host my MORPG?

Not unless you're willing to pay out the nose. If you want to run a MORPG made with Game Maker, you're going to have to host it yourself.


What is a .gmk file?

A .gmk file is the new encrypted source of your project. After several decryptions of the source code files, Mark Overmars (creator of Game Maker) encrypted the source code, and thus, the .gmk file was introduced in Game Maker 7.0.

Can Game Maker 7.0 read .gm6 files?

Yes! Game Maker 7 is fully compatible with GM 6 files, with the exception being in the Room Transitions.

What is a .gm6 file?

This is a "source" file used by Game Maker 6.1. It contains your game code, sprites, and other resources used by Game Maker to build a final .exe file. You can run it from Game Maker without having to compile it into an .exe.


Can I create a GUI for a Game Maker game?

Sort of. Game Maker 7 Pro comes with a sort-of GUI extension named "GM Windows Dialogs." We haven't quite had time to check it out, but from looking at the documentation that came with GM Windows Dialogs, it does not appear to be a complete GUI package, bur rather just an extension for file opening windows and those annoying "Get Input" windows that get_integer() and get_string() creates.


See : Room FAQ


Is it true that Game Maker is only available for Windows?

Yes, it's true. Game Maker is only available for Windows. It is NOT available for Macs, Linux, or any other operating system except Windows. This is because Game Maker (all versions) use Direct X. Direct X is a Microsoft product. Microsoft hasn't shared Direct X with anyone — especially with its competitors.

Can Game Maker make games for a Mac or Apple?

No. Game Maker only makes games for Windows.

Can Game Maker make games for video game consoles?

No. Game Maker only makes games for Windows.

Speed and Performance

My game is running too slow, what can I do?

If you're on a really old computer (5 years) maybe nothing. The first thing you should do is get the latest version of Direct X.

If you are using large images, try to break some of them up into smaller images.

How do I find out how fast my game is actually running?

Put this code in the step object any object in the room you want to test :

room_caption = string(fps);

How do I make my game run at a faster default speed?

The speed at which Game Maker runs is limited by the current room_speed. You can change the default by changing the room speed in the Room Settings Window.

Joysticks, GamePads and Controllers

Can Game Maker use a joystick or gamepad?

Yes, so long as it was made for a computer.

Can Game Maker use my controller from a video game console?

In theory, yes. You would have to have a driver for it and a device to plug it into your computer.

Can Game Maker use a Wiimote?

The Wiimote theoretically be used with the requirements already stated, but Game Maker will probably never use the 3D-space functionality. (See Game Maker and The Wiimote for further discussion and alternatives.)


Can I embed a webpage in Game Maker

Game Maker natively has no capability to embed a webpage into a Game Maker game. There may be a .dll floating out there somewhere, but we are unaware of it.

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