Download and Install Game Maker

This tutorial was written using Game Maker 7. Game Maker 6.1 is still available for download.

Download Game Maker 7

Game Maker 7 lite is completely free to download and use. There is no demo. There is no trial. The free version of Game Maker is completely free and never expires. You can compile games with the lite version. However, as you advance you will find you will need to register in order to upgrade to Game Maker 7 pro.

The downloads for Game Maker 7 pro and Game Maker 7 lite are the exact same download. A registration key (serial number) is used to unlock the features the pro version. These features generally fall into two categories :

  1. Advanced features that only advanced game developers need.
  2. "Polish" features, which help your game look more professional — such as sprite rotation.

You do not need Game Maker 7 pro to learn to use and create games with Game Maker.

You can download Game Maker 7 installer on the Yo Yo Games Download Page :

On this same page you can download Game Maker 7 in zip format. Generally there is no need to get this version.

Make sure that you know and remember where you download gmaker.exe so you can find and install it after it downloads. If you didn't pay attention to where the file was saved, or forgot where you saved it, you can find it using Search, which you will find under your Start button on any version of Windows.

The file size for the Game Maker 7 installer is about 7.8 MB — the size of about 2 mp3 files, therefore the download time is 20 minutes to 40 minutes for dial up and a few minutes at most for broadband users.

Install Game Maker 7

gmaker.exe is not Game Maker 7 itself, but a file that contains and installs Game Maker 7 for you automatically. Find gmaker.exe (it may only appear as gmaker) and double left click on it.

The install program will begin. Click on the button marked "Next>".

You will be taken to a screen that shows you some general information about GM 7.0. Click on the button marked "Next>".

You will be taken to a screen that shows you the license agreement. Check the radio button marked {{"I agree with the above terms and conditions" and Click the button marked "Next>".

The Game Maker 7 installer will then ask you where you want GM7 to be installed. By default this is C:\Program Files\Game_Maker7. This is a perfectly fine place to install GM7 unless you have a bizzare reason not to. Click on the button marked "Next>".

Unless you have installed Game Maker 7 before, the installer will ask you if you want the directory noted above to be created. Choose "Yes."

After you choose "Yes", installation will be ready to begin. Click the button marked "Start" and installation will begin.

After a few seconds installation will be complete and you will be asked if you want to look at the Read Me file and / or Launch Game Maker. Click the button marked "Exit" and Game Maker 7 will start.

The first thing it will do is ask you if you want to enable Advanced Mode. Choose "Yes." You will be glad you did later.

Next, it will nag you for registration. Choose "Don't Upgrade Now" button at the bottom-left corner. You will get this nag every time you start Game Maker 7 until you register.

Finally, you will be ready to make games with Game Maker.

What Now?

Take A Quick Look Around Game Maker to get to know where things are.

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