This page will describe all of the GML related to movement in Game Maker.

Movement Actions

motion_set(dir,speed) - Set the objects direction with the defined speed.
motion_add(dir,speed) - Adds motion to the current motion (?)
place_free(x,y) - Returns whether the instance is collision-free at the defined x and y location.
place_empty(x,y) - Returns whether or not the instance meets nothing at the defined x and y.
place_meeting(x,y,obj) - Returns whether the object meets a defined object at the defined x and y.
place_snapped(hsnap,vsnap) - Returns whether the object is snapped to the defined grid information.
move_random(hsnap,vsnap) - Moves the object to a free, random position, snapped to the defined grid.
move_snap(hsnap,vsnap) - Snaps the object to the defined grid information.


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