Game Tester

We need a good game tester. At Game Design Novice we have game programmers, game designers, even sprite artists. What we are really lacking are a few good game testers to hit our member's games with a jackhammer.

What Do Game Testers Do?

Simply put, as a game tester, you attempt to break the game, from a technical standpoint at least. You find the bugs and you report them. From a gamer's point of view you are also the ultimate game critic. It is also your duty to point out the gameplay flaws and anything you don't like about the game in full detail — and to be a good game tester at GDN, you should be nothing short of brutal.


Because most WIP "reviews" are just a causal game or two of the game being developed. Our GDN game testers will be responsible for helping to raise the standard.

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