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Introduction to Game Programming

There technically is no such thing as game programming. Game programming is simply taking what you've learned from core programming and applying it to the solution of making games.

Game Programming Topics

Game Structure

(Full article : Game Structure)
Every game follows a general programming structure, often known as the game structure. This structure makes sure helps you set up, run, and terminate things properly. Using this basic game structure will save you headaches later as your game project grows.


Player Control is usually implemented using the keyboard or mouse



List of Game Programming Concepts

  • 1up - an extra life
  • accelerator variable - a variable used to accelerate the value of another.
  • accumulator variable - a variable used to accumulate things like a pack-rat
  • collision detection - do two game objects collide?
  • counter variable - a variable used for counting…
  • crashing - crashing, falling to your death, it's all the same
  • damage - causing damage, taking damage
  • double jump - the ability to jump twice in one "jump"
  • flag variable - much like a light switch
  • game loop - you spin me round baby right round…
  • game space - simulated space used in video games
  • gravity - simulating gravity in 2d games
  • hspeed - horizontal speed of a game object
  • inertia - the physics of being lazy
  • jump flag - used to tell if a game object is "jumping"
  • jumping - the general process of jumping in platform games.
  • loopin - time measured in game loops.
  • money - get it, spend it, see if the player has enough
  • platform game - ah, the platform game.
  • position - the position (or location) of things in your game.
  • tilemap - tilemaps are used for creating levels
  • timer - when things need to happen at a specific time.
  • threshold - putting a limit on a variable's value.
  • vspeed - vertical speed of a game object
  • x - horizontal location of a game object
  • y - vertical location of a game object
  • z - depth location of a game object in 3D

Game Objects

A game object is anything the player can see and/or interact with.

Common Types of Game Objects

  • player object - the game object that the player controls.
  • power up - a game object that increases or gives an ability to the player object.
  • projectile - throwing and shooting projectiles.
  • turret - a fixed game object that shoots at the player object.

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