Text Game Programming

In the days of classic computing, game programmers had it easy because they could learn game programming by starting with simple yet creative text games. For the most part, this convention has been abandoned. The capability to program text games has either been cluttered or stripped out completely from modern programming languages. But not so in FreeBASIC. FreeBASIC lets you take the time-tested easy way!

Learning to program simple text games is very important. By learning to program text games first, you are learning the fundamentals of how to turn Core programming into game programming. If you have never programmed before, it may surprise you learn that most game programmers have programmed at least five text games in their lives. You will find these legendary text games in this section and learn how to unlock their secrets.

Programming text games is dangerously fun and addictive, but it should not be attempted by someone who has not finished our Core Programming section.

  • Game Structure Tutorial - learn the basic structure of every game
  • Game Loop Tutorial I - you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round…
  • Text Menu Tutorial I - there's no GUI, so you give the player a choice.
  • Delay Tutorial - sometimes you want to make the player sweat.
  • 2D Array Grid in FreeBASIC Tutorial - setting up and using a 2D Array Grid
  • 3D Grid System
  • Simulating Dice
  • Combat System
  • Primitive Tilemaps
  • Single Point Collision
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