Text (Basic4GL)

Basic4GL's text functions are useful for making text games.

Basic4GL Text Functions

  • CharAt$()
  • ClearLine() - clear a single line
  • ClearRegion() - clear a square region of the screen
  • Cls - clear the screen of text.
  • Color() - change the text color.
  • DrawText() - draw text in TEXT_BUFFERED mode.
  • Inkey$ - get the next key from the keyboard buffer
  • Input - get a line of input from the player
  • Locate - change the cursor position.
  • Print - display text on the screen.
  • Printr - display text on the screen.
  • ResizeText() - change the text size.
  • TextCols() - see how wide, in characters, the screen is
  • TextMode() - change how text is displayed.
  • TextRows() - see how tall, in characters, the screen is
  • TextScroll() - check if text scrolling is enabled.
  • SetTextScroll() - set text scrolling

String Handling Functions

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