Create a Game Screen in Basic4GL

How to Create a Game Screen in Basic4GL

Unlike most game programming languages Basic4GL does not require any set up to create a game screen or window. Just start up Basic4GL and hit F5. When you want to quit, just hit escape.

However, some things need to be said about this game screen — it is aways 640x480 unless you use ResizeSpriteArea().

Even if you are running it at 800x600 resolution in full screen it is still 640x480. This may seem odd at first, but it's very important to understand.

What is actually happening in a higher resolution than 640x480 is that even though the game screen / window may be larger, it is still only being scaled up from 640x480. Remember this, and remember it well. It will save you much confusion as you wade into the exciting waters of Basic4GL.

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