Basic4GL minimum

This is a tutorial that explains the absolute minimum you have to do to get a Basic4GL project up and running without an error. This will not teach you how to make a complete game. It will only teach you how to make an blank, yet errorless, window.

Basic4GL minimum

Basic4GL is one of least fussy game programming languages I have seen. It requires absolutely nothing to get up and running. Yes, absolutely nothing. But, since it is policy to include a minimum tutorial, here it is.

You can get your wonderful blank, errorless window with only two steps. Note, Basic4GL starts up in full screen mode, so when you do this, it will appear that your entire screen will go black. Just press ESCAPE to go back to the Basic4GL IDE.

  1. Start Basic4GL
  2. Press F5 or click the green ''Go!'' button at the top.

And there you have it.

A Tip

By default, Basic4GL runs in full screen mode, which can be annoying when testing small changes in your code. To make Basic4GL run in a window, goto Basic4GL —> Options and then uncheck full screen.

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