A Quick Look Around Basic4GL

This tutorial will give you an essential quick tour of the Basic4GL IDE. It is very important you take this quick look around so you know what the hell we are talking about in later tutorials. You should have already downloaded and installed Basic4GL. If you haven't then you have nothing to look at. If this is the case see Download and Install Basic4GL.

Start up Basic4GL. We're going to take a short, but very important tour.

First, take a look at Basic4GL program itself. This is where you will be spending your time creating games. The Basic4GL software is often referred to as the Basic4GL IDE. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. In other words, the IDE is where you do you work to make a game.

Secondly, look up near the top of the Basic4GL IDE. The top menu set that begins with "File, Basic4GL, Edit, etc." is collectively called the Top Menu or the Pull-Down Menu. Go ahead. Click on one of the options. See, pull-down menu. Each individual selection on the Top Menu is known individually as a menu. For example, if you clicked "File", you would have just opened the "File Menu". If you click on "Edit", yes, that's right, the "Edit Menu".e.

See, that was a really quick tour.

What Now?

There's one last thing to set up, and that is How to Run Basic4GL in a Window

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