About Game Design Novice

Our mission at Game Design Novice is to make learning to design and programming games easily accessible to everyone, especially novices just starting out and game design.

We are doing this by :

  • Documenting and writing tutorials for available game design tools.
  • Creating examples and source code for game design tools.
  • Creating resources that game design novices can use.
  • Creating game design tools where game design tools do not exist.
  • Supporting the authors of game design tools wherever possible.

What Game Design Novice Is NOT

Game Design Novice is a place to learn game design and game programming. We are dedicated to building a high quality resource for novices. However, Game Design Novice is not :

GDN is not hacking resource of any kind

Hacking, unless part of a game, has nothing to do with game design or game programming. We do not and will not teach you how to hack roms, games, or save files of commercial games protected under copyright.

GDN is not a clone of official documentation

Authors of game design tools may do a good job in documenting their tools (PlayBasic comes to mind), but we do not and will not clone official documentation. The documentation on Game Design Novice is secondary documentation aimed at novices.

GDN is not an internet archive of copyrighted materials

GDN does not host copyrighted tutorials or sprites. In the case of tutorials, linking to these tutorials is encouraged, but we will not host them here without permission. In the case of copyrighted sprites, we will neither link to or host them. We are currently creating sprites so that novices will have decent game art to start with.

GDN is not a commercial game developer

Our focus is on education. Any development projects we undertake, such as .tut are done for the purpose of research and education only. Please do not attempt to hire us to make a commercial game.

GDN is not an industry insider

Our focus is on game design and programming as a hobby. With the exception of helping out independent developers create and improve their game design tools, we have no interest in the game development industry.

GDN is not a school or college

Our focus is on the education of hobbyist game designers and game programmers. While what you learn here may eventually be useful to you if you attend an accredited game design school, we do not offer a diploma or a degree in game design. Keep it fun folks.

GDN is not loyal to any specific game design tool

We will fully support any game design tool that there is sufficient support for by our members. Various game design tools may get more support than others because of how well designed the tool is and its expense to the public. This is a choice of natural selection, not one made by the administrators of GDN.

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