10,000 Design Document


In One Sentence

10,000 is a dice game where the object is to score 10,000 points by rolling dice.


10,000 is a classic text dice game. Players score by rolling specific combinations of dice. Each combination is worth a different point value. The first player to achieve 10,000 points wins.

Game Flow

Choosing Players

  • The number of players is chosen.
  • The players are then required to enter their names.
  • Once the players have been named, the game begins.

Turn Structure

  • All dice are rolled
    • If no scoring dice are rolled then turn is automatically over.
    • If the results of the roll produce scoring dice then, the player then decides which die/dice, he/she wants to keep.
  • Keeping Dice
    • A player must keep at least one die per roll.
    • All kept dice must have a point value.
    • The player may stop rolling at any time, which then all accumulated points for that turn are added to the player score (see "Scoring" section below for more details) and the turn is then over.
  • A player's turn does not end until either
    • No scoring dice were rolled
    • A player decides to end the turn themselves.


  • A player must have at least 750 points (without losing it) to get on the board. After a player has made it on the board there are no point-keeping restrictions.
  • Dice combinations must be rolled together (if you only have two dice left, you cannot roll three of a kind, et cetera).
  • If all five dice have a point value on them, then the player has the chance to roll all five dice again, making it possible for very high scoring turns.

Single Dice

Single dice, not part of a specific dice combination, have various values.

  • 1 - worth 100 points
  • 5 - worth 50 points

Three of a Kind

  • 1's - worth 1,000 points
  • 2's - worth 200 points
  • 3's - worth 300 points
  • 4's - worth 400 points
  • 5's - worth 500 points
  • 6's - worth 600 points

Four of a Kind

  • 1's - worth 2,000 points
  • 2's - worth 400 points
  • 3's - worth 600 points
  • 4's - worth 800 points
  • 5's - worth 1,000 points
  • 6's - worth 1,200 points

Five of a Kind

  • Five of any kind is an instant win.


  • 1-5 or
  • 2-6 - worth 1,000 points

Full House

  • Three of a kind, and a pair - worth 500 points plus whatever the three of a kind is worth and any other dice with point value are added.

Program Requirements


    Initialize game engine
        gameOver = 1
    Initialize game
        Ask number of players
        For each player, get their name

Game loop
                Roll dice
                Check for scoring dice
                Keep dice
                Check for scoring dice
            Until turnOver
    Until gameOver



  • Phatty - game designer, programmer
  • Hartnell - programmer

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